Especial Kay

Version 1.2, April 24, 1997
Price: $10 for two fonts

Especial Kay is a font based on the handwriting of Mary Kay Stam. It features an angry "E" and a backwards "Q".

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About Especial Kay

Basically, Mary Kay is probably the most unusual person I've ever met. She wrote a book called, "The Search for Callahan's - an Artist's Bi-coastal Diary." I helped her with the typesetting of the book (No, Mary Kay, press SHIFT-Apple-K!!!-uh, I mean, go up to "Element" on the menu bar) and as I read through one of the semifinal versions, I noticed that she had some pages that were handwritten. The letters I saw were really strange-no one in their right mind writes this way! But the more I looked at it, the more enchanted I became. So I created a font called "Especial Kay-Angry" and showed it to her. She thought I was crazy.

So I created another font-this time, begging for samples of her lower case letters as well as upper case. Along came the font you see at the top of the page, "Especial Kay."

Version 1.2 (Especial Kay)
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