Background on Marty Pfeiffer and Scooter Graphics

Hi, I'm Marty Pfeiffer (sometimes known as "Scooterboy"). I've been designing fonts since 1993. My first design is "Marty Bold" which is my interpretation of a "way loosened up Garamond." This font is available for free from my web site. My first commercially successful font is "Nu Sans" (formerly known as Epsy Sans) which is a design based on Apple Computer's Espy Sans bitmap font. Nu Sans has gone through quite a few versions. As my skill improved, so did Nu Sans. Along the way, I designed many other fonts. I am mostly interested in fonts that can be used for general text as well as headlines. In this way, I am striving to crush the "In the future, all fonts will be hard to read" movement by offering interesting fonts that do not strain the eyes. I have also created digital versions of fonts that were only previously available as phototype.

I am currently back in school to earn my second Bachelor of Arts. My first BA is in Music with an Emphasis in Composition from Whitworth College. Now I am working on a BA in Graphic Design from Central Washington University. My goal is to eventually wind up with a Masters in Graphic Design and begin a teaching career. Along the way I plan to work for a few ad agencies to gain real-world experience in graphic design.

Scooter Graphics is my company. It's a one-man graphic/font design business that's sole purpose is to put me through college. Scooter Graphics is available for logo design, web page creation, brochures, business cards, forms, flyers and custom font designs or modifications.

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