version 1.0, March 23, 1997
Copyright ©1997 Martin P. Pfeiffer.
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Midnight is a font family that is highly legible on-screen as well as on the printed page. It features several unique characters (see the "M" and "g"). Take a look at a preview:

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Or see a sample web page using this font as the default.

About the Midnight font family

Midnight was designed at a furious pace over the span of one weekend. I started on the font as soon as I got home from work, and finished while watching X-Files on Sunday night. The reason I was able to do this so quickly is that I had just finished Nu Sans and so I had a lot of techniques and time-savers that I had learned. I also avoided many mistakes that bogged down the production of Nu Sans in Midnight.

Midnight is reminiscent of one of my favorite fonts, Gill Sans. While Gill Sans is a humanist san serif, Midnight is a mono-weight san serif. Midnight also has an unusual lowercase "g" that I got the idea from an early version of Futura's "g." This character never made it into Futura, and I thought that was a shame. I guess they didn't think it was conservative enough. Anyway, I incorporated this into my design and I think you'll agree that the result is not too way out.

I hope that you enjoy using these fonts as much as I enjoyed designing them for you! Send me your comments at marty@scootergraphics.com.

Download Midnight 1.0

You can check out Midnight before you buy! Just choose the appropriate link. This version includes the Regular.

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