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The Nu Font Pack is four font families that are designed to work in harmony on-screen and on the printed page.


About the Nu Font Pack

Nu Sans -- Nu Sans is a font family based on Apple Computer's "Espy Sans" and "Epsy Sans Bold" bitmap fonts. Espy Sans and Epsy Sans Bold are fonts designed by Apple's Human Interface people for easy readability on computer screens. These bitmap fonts are also used by the Newton OS and Apple Guide.

Now you can use Espy Sans on your printer and on-screen. Back in 1995, I decided to take on the challenge of making scalable fonts out of bitmap fonts. I also decided to extend the Nu Sans family past what Espy Sans offered; I added an italic and bold italic to my Nu Sans family. I have many users who swear by Nu Sans as the default font for their web browsers. :-)

I've recently incorporated advanced hand-edited TrueType instructions to improve the on-screen appearance of Nu Sans at any point size - without bitmap fonts. The regular and bold weights are fully hinted. The other styles of Nu Sans will get the same treatment in future versions.

Nu Serif -- Nu Serif is based on Apple Computer's "Espy Serif" bitmap font. Espy Serif is a font designed by Apple's Human Interface people for easy readability on computer screens. This bitmap font was used in the Apple Guide screens. It is a serif companion for Espy Sans. In my opinion, this is the most readable and legible font combination for on-screen use.

Now you can use Espy Serif on your printer as well as at many different point sizes on screen. This flexibility allows you to use Nu Serif anywhere you want. And with the addition of the other five fonts: italic, semibold, semibold italic, bold and bold italic - available only to registered users - Nu Serif makes a perfect all-around font. Studies have shown that for prolonged reading, serif fonts are much easier to read than sans serif. But up till now, most serif fonts have not been optimized for on-screen use. Nu Serif changes all this, by being easy on the eyes on-screen and on the printed page.

Nu Casual -- Nu Casual is based on Apple Computer's bitmap font "Casual" featured on their line of Newton devices. This font is used by the Newton whenever the user is types or writes anything. Designed to be highly readable on LCD screens, Casual is a great script bitmap font.

This font was previously unavailable to desktop computer users. I copied each character of the bitmap Casual font (first by hand, then by a screen dump) into Fontographer and began designing a fully scalable version. Quite a chore! But I think that the results are worth it. Nu Casual is a playful addition to the Nu-line of fonts. :-)

Nu Sans Monospaced -- Nu Sans Monospaced has been a long time coming. I started designing this font back in 1996 and had completed the outline and bitmaps in 1997. It sat on the shelf (so to speak) for a year. During that time, I had updated the Nu Sans family many times, improving the design of the letterforms with each version. After finishing up version 8.0 of Nu Sans, I decided to take a look at Nu Sans Monospaced again. I found that the bitmaps were really good looking, but the outlines needed to be scrapped. So I finished up a new set of outlines and polished off the character set. I also created an italic based on IBM's Script Selectric type element and a bold. Nu Sans Mono is perfect for reading your e-mail! Makes ASCII art look even better than ever. :-)

I hope that you enjoy using these fonts as much as I enjoyed designing them for you! Send me your comments at The demo version of the Nu Font Pack includes the regular style of all four families (without the international characters or other doodads.) You can get a full version with all the characters and the additional styles by purchasing the Nu Font Pack. Please see my page on how to register my fonts.

Download the Nu Font Pack

You can try out the Nu Font Pack before you buy! I recommend TrueType for the best appearance on-screen.

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