Pfeiffer Tall is a tall font. It was designed by Martin Pfeiffer. I think that explains where the name comes from. (By the way, I'm 6'2" :-)

About the Pfeiffer Tall font family

After designing Nu Sans, I decided that I needed a logo for my fonts. So I used ResEdit to make an icon for my fonts. I liked how it came out so well that I thought that the lettering could easily be made into a font. So I pushed the design forward to create the rest of the alphabet. Pretty cool, I thought - now what else can I do? I then created a lighter version of the font to go with it.

Price: $10 for 2 fonts

Shareware Version 1.1
Macintosh: PostScript | TrueType
Windows: PostScript | TrueType

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This font is being refurbished. It is scheduled to be released by 10/18/2016.
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