Scooter Boy came about the week before I went down to California to get my scooter (and visit my friend, Lisa Marie). I left a message for my boss, reminding her that I would be gone on Friday by way of saying that I needed a new name tag. I told her that after this weekend, I would no longer by Marty Pfeiffer, I would be "Scooter Boy" and to please order me an appropriate name badge so as not to confuse people.

The name stuck. However, I know of one variant to the name and that is "Scooter Scum" which Bethany (my boss) gave to me when I told her that I couldn't go to the Vancouver Kinko's Picnic because I had to register my scooter and get my Washington License.

Okay, so here's the philosophy - I'm trying to keep this simple:

Also, here is some other tidbits, related to the scooter. If you find more, please send me a note!

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