Hey, you've got to try my new Scooter Crunch!

Thanks to my little buddy, EJ, for the Scooter Crunch idea (and song) You can check out his page at www.teleport.com/~bhc.

It's my little new scoot... you don't know what I got... um, actually it's my 1986 Honda Helix that I'm in the process of fixing up. You can't see it (because I retouched the photo) but the seat is all torn up (I've got a new one ordered - it should be in by Friday), the front body panels are held together with electrical cable holders and the right side boards are all scratched up and covered by duct tape. Other than that, it does run great! Quite a different ride from my Elite (see below).

It's the scooterboy logo. You can get this logo on a t-shirt with a special offer on my new font, Scooter Boy.

It's my current ride - the 1985 Honda Elite.

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