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Virtue is my improvement of Apple Computer's "Charcoal" font appearing in Mac OS 8.

About Virtue:

There is a lot of controversy about Charcoal. Basically, a lot of people did not want this font to appear in the Mac OS 8. A "reverse-engineered" font developed by Greg Landweber for his Aaron extension and Kaleidoscope control panel gave people a first look at Charcoal. Greg built his font from looking at various screen shots and did a good job at making a very complete font. However, the spacing information and special characters characters seemed a little off to me. It seems that Apple couldn't decide whether Charcoal should have two pixels between the letters or just one. This lead to a cramped appearance on screen.

So here's what I did: basically, I took his work and tried to space it how I would if I was making Apple's next font. I studied the "Chicago" system font and and used it as a template for my font. After about 2 hours of tinkering, I had a bitmap font that looked really good as a replacement font for Kaleidoscope. About a week later, after tinkering some more, I made even more improvements.

Starting with version 3.0, Virtue is a TrueType-only font. There are no bitmaps, instead advanced TrueType instructing creates an excellent on-screen appearance. The techniques I used to accomplish this will soon be applied to my other font creations.

Macintosh: TrueType
Windows 95: TrueType
The curious might want to check out the version history.

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