11/16/96 Saturday

Worked on Epsy Sans-Tight

11/12/96 Tuesday

Worked on Epsy Sans 4.1

11/6/96 Wednesday

Worked on Ground Slither

11/2/96 Saturday

Worked on the Espy Sans-Tight

10/18/96 Friday

Worked on the Web Site

10/10/96 Thursday

Worked on the Web Site

8/30/96 Friday

Worked on Calypso

8/29/96 Thursday

Worked on Calypso

8/23/96 Friday

Worked on Simga.

This is Simga

8/6/96 Tuesday

Worked on Calypso.

Stephanie Ann Boyajian

8/5/96 Monday

Worked on Scooter Girl.

7/13/96 Saturday

Tried to stay cool in 100 F weather.
Totally reworked the Font Warehouse page to be less confusing and more interesting.

7/12/96 Friday

Started work on the Scooter Boy home page

6/26/96 Wednesday

Put together the registered Epsy Sans 4.0 package.

6/24/96 Monday

Finished Epsy Sans 4.0!

6/14/96 Friday

Worked on Epsy Sans Monospaced Bitmap

Worked on Calypso (0.1 in progress)


6/13/96 Thursday

Worked on Epsy Sans (4.0 in progress)

Worked on Calypso (0.1 in progress)

6/12/96 Wednesday

Worked on Epsy Sans (4.0 in progress)

Worked on Epsy Sans Bold (3.3)

6/11/96 Tuesday

Worked on Calypso (0.1)

6/10/96 Monday

Worked on Epsy Sans (3.3)

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